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15.08.2010 23:57
1933 Ulster in USA 12500USD Antworten

sehr schön, wenn auch nicht 100% original... aber ein interessantes Angebot
very nice bike, not 100% original but a very intereting offer

text des Anbieters mit Bilderlink:
text of seller including link to more photos

I have tons of receipts from the previous owner, who had the bike restored by J.W. Tennant-Eyles in the late 80's to the mid 90's, along with some photos of the bike before, during and after restoration. The total for the work by Tennant-Eyles was £18,924 in 1994. That file is over an inch thick. The paperwork shows the bike was fully fettled before they returned it to the then owner. The previous owner stripped the registration number from the bike and sold it separately. It was XJ 8026, which was issued in Manchester in 1933. The file also has copies of correspondence from Bryan Reynolds to Mr. Tenant-Eyles dating to the period of restoration. The previous owner brought the bike with him when he moved to the States in 1994.

I did have the bike running for a while during my tenure with it. I had it up to over 75 mph on more than one occasion.

We were in the process of refettling it when other events in my life took me away from the project. The last time the bike ran was about four years ago. It needs to be gone through before attempting to start it again.

I will listen to reasonable offers and would obviously prefer the bike going to someone who will properly complete it. I started by listing it in the San Francisco Bay Area in the hopes that a local sale would follow.

I have some spares and literature, which will also go with the bike, providing I don't take too much of a beating on the price. If I can't sell it, it will only sit in my garage and deteriorate, which would be a shame.

Here's a link to more pictures:

Bob Aaronson
Palo Alto, CA

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