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 Motor / Engine
darijo Offline

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28.02.2009 20:22
RUDGE from SLOVENIA Antworten

Hello I am from Slovenia and I have
Special Rudge, BSA Sloper and Ducat ST.

I was Successfully racing vehicles veterans for 15 years.

Attached I send you to view images
processing Rudge motor.What do you think?

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01.03.2009 18:49
#2 RE: RUDGE from SLOVENIA Antworten

Hi Darijo,
the parts i can see look very good, i think you have a pretty good performance from the engine... had you ever proplems with broken cylinders?
best regards

darijo Offline

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08.03.2009 22:36
#3 RE: RUDGE from SLOVENIA Antworten

Hello Andreas,
Yes, I know for problems with broken cylinders so I have made new screws.
Attached I sen you some new photos.

Best regards

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08.03.2009 23:35
#4 RE: RUDGE from SLOVENIA Antworten

hi Darijo,
yes that works, but it takes a long time to mount... i have this system on my 250 and i am not sure if i will use it once more.
photos look good (except the cracked piston), you make a real good job
a friend of mine has asked me if you sell the camfollowers with rollers, perhaps a business for you if you are interested.
how works the italian gear shift mechanism?
best regards

darijo Offline

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05.04.2009 22:25
#5 RE: RUDGE from SLOVENIA Antworten
Wenn Sie hier auf Links zu eBay klicken und einen Kauf tätigen, kann dies dazu führen, dass diese Website eine Provision erhält.


The piston was bought from U.K. by Ebay. I bought it as a example and is from 1930 racing piston. Sow the company in Austira made a copy of the piston.

The italian gear shit mechanism works good, because i get it in and looks like original rudge mechanism. The thing that i have modify was the interier gear.

I am working on the camfollowers for the Hansueli from CH, what can be the price for doing this or making them to you, what do to you think.

In which races would you be racing this year,can you come to Grobnik in Croatia for the "Grab the flag".

In past i worked in TOMOS tehnology institute,in repart of developing and testing.



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redmamba Offline

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23.09.2009 20:27
#6 RE: RUDGE from SLOVENIA Antworten

Hi Darijo,

Nice work. The gearshift mechanism looks very much like the real thing. If you don't mind, what Italian bike did the mechanism come from. I am rebuilding (trying anyway) a tranny, and an Italian part will be muc easier to get than a Rudge part.
Thanks, Juan

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