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 Motor / Engine
Foppoli Matteo Offline

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14.03.2008 21:42

I finished assembling my RUDGE 500 SPORTS SPECIAL 1937 \ 39, now I must paint it and I have to choose a colour.
I like RED colour, as I saw on several photographs on the website and in Classic Bike March 1982 90p.
Might Any member tell me the exact color code for RED? Furthermore, is the red color the original one?
I'd like also to know the width of golden lines on the tank and on the mudguards… (how many mm?)
Thank you very much

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15.03.2008 18:00
#2 RE: RED COLOUR RUDGE??? Antworten

Hi Matteo,
if you follow the link you will see an red Ulster in its original painting:

i have asked a friend of mine about the colour code and he knows one who has a new painted red Rudge. So he wil ask for the colour code.
bye for now

Foppoli Matteo Offline

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27.03.2008 18:48
#3 RE: RED COLOUR RUDGE??? Antworten

Hello Andreas

NEWS a friend?

Regards Matteo Offline

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27.03.2008 20:42
#4 RE: RED COLOUR RUDGE??? Antworten

hello Matteo,
sorry no news at the moment, is the information of bryan reynolds not helpful?
I have spoken with Klaus, who has the red Rudge, but he has no colour code. He tolds me that under the dealer plate on the front fender is the colour different because this was the only part where never sun came on

Best regards

Foppoli Matteo Offline

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18.08.2008 20:28
#5 RE: RED COLOUR RUDGE??? Antworten

We shall wait your comments about the quality of the job we have done

Regards Matteo

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19.08.2008 08:47
#6 RE: RED COLOUR RUDGE??? Antworten

wow! congratulations, she looks pretty good!

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